Societies Research Libraries April 1st, 2015

“The Bones of a King”: breaking down walls between the Humanities and Sciences

The dramatic story of Richard III, one of England’s most notorious and enigmatic monarchs, captured the world’s attention in February 2013 when the Grey Friars Research Team, led by the University of Leicester, identified “Skeleton 1” as Richard, a King whose remains had been lost for over 500 years. Last week, to coincide with King…

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Research March 31st, 2015

Ask about what doesn’t work- a guide for peer reviewers

“A negative result is still a result!” is a common, if slightly ironic, utterance that can frequently be heard around the ivory towers. I must say that I agree with this sentiment, and I agree with it to the extent that I think everyone who reviews a scholarly paper should be asking about what doesn’t…

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Research March 30th, 2015

How can scientists better communicate with the public?

At Sense About Science, we see early career researchers – members of the Voice of Young Science (VoYS) network – standing up for science. They take an active role in public debates about science: tackling misconceptions, challenging pseudoscientific product claims and responding to misinformation in all kinds of media. But what about the rest of…

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Societies March 27th, 2015

Actions and insights for societies from our membership survey

To close our Membership Matters week, Lorna Berrett, Director, Society Marketing at Wiley presents some initial thoughts from society executives on how they might apply the results to their organizations. A couple of weeks ago we invited our Society Advisory Board (SAB) members to a preview of the Wiley Membership Survey results.  We were especially…

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Societies March 26th, 2015

Publishing partnerships: five tips for a happy “marriage”

As the world’s leading publisher for societies with over 900 membership organization partners, Wiley is in a great position to talk about the formula for a successful “marriage” between publisher and association. My first experience of a partnership agreement was signed in 1996 with the International Organization for Migration. This was a whirlwind romance which…

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Societies March 25th, 2015

Three kinds of societies

As part of our Membership Matters week, we invited Seth Kahan, author, change agent and founder of Association Transformation, to comment on his experience of working with societies and the different business and membership models he has encountered.  Don’t forget to dowload our recent Membership Matters whitepaper for the results of our recent membership survey. …

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Societies March 24th, 2015

Overcoming apathy: keys to attracting and maintaining society members

I can’t recall the date, exactly, but it was around four or five years ago that I let my membership to a professional society lapse. I’m a member of a couple of societies, so it wasn’t like I was left entirely unaffiliated, but I remember this one in particular because, every couple of months, I…

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Societies March 23rd, 2015

What matters to members? We found some surprising answers with our recent membership survey

Did you know that 15% of people don’t join societies or associations because they’ve never been invited, or that 72% of society members actively read the society’s publications?  Would you have guessed that the most valued member benefit is a society’s peer-reviewed journal? Or, that the top reason that people join societies is the quality…

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Authors March 19th, 2015

Four tips for planning your career

Planning your career could be considered to be a contradiction in terms. How can you plan something which is largely out of your control? How can you predict whether and when a job will be advertised by an employer, or influence where it will be located? Furthermore, how can you plan for a career, if…

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