Authors October 2nd, 2014

12 questions from our early career researchers publishing seminar

The Author Marketing team hosted a webinar this week, which was an Introduction to Publishing for Early Career Researchers. Graham Woodward, Associate Marketing Director, and I were joined by 4 of Wiley’s experienced editors: • Fiona Hutton, Executive Editor, Open Access • Allyn Molina, Publisher, Life Sciences • Andrew Moore, Editor-in-Chief, BioEssays • Simone Taylor,…

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Libraries October 1st, 2014

Wiley’s data quality pledge

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that a lot of enthusiasm is required to tackle a topic like data quality. Not quite the jargon juggernaut that is “big data”, data quality in this case refers to the inaccuracies and/or gaps in data flows from content creators that prevent users from discovering and accessing e-content.…

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Societies Research Libraries September 30th, 2014

7 principles of social media networking to advance your academic career

When you apply for a job or fellowship, or send a cold email to someone, one of the first actions that the recipient may take is to Google you. And the second action he/she may take–which is increasingly becoming the norm – is to check your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have one, the perception might…

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Societies Research Libraries September 26th, 2014

Mark Hahnel of figshare talks open data, the six steps of OA, and more

We’re closing out our data week with an interview with Mark Hahnel, founder of figshare, a Digital Science company which enables researchers to publish their data in a citable, searchable and shareable manner. Also-just an update, the special issue of Learned Publishing on data, covered by LIz Ferguson in “Everybody loves data” is now freely available…

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Societies Research Libraries September 25th, 2014

More data, more questions?

We’re taking a break from our Author Series this week to continue our focus on data in conjunction with the RDA4 meeting this week.  Nevertheless, Mike Kirkby’s post below raises many thoughtful questions for authors on the issues surrounding data in research.  Do you want to use my environmental data, or I yours? The question…

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Societies Research Libraries September 24th, 2014

Including third party assets in open access articles with Creative Commons licenses

Open Access publishing enables researchers to share and build on an increasingly wide pool of research, however, it also raises some complex issues.  Publishers and researchers need to work together to increase our understanding of these issues and to address them in ways that meet everyone’s needs.  Offering authors a choice of options is critical…

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Societies Research Libraries September 24th, 2014

Who’s afraid of big data?

We continue our Data Week with coverage of an insightful “Who’s afraid of big data” session from the recent  ALPSP conference.  Ah Big Data, how things have changed!  Ten years ago a data talk at a conference would have been nearly empty, but these days it’s standing room only.  And so kicked off an interesting –…

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Societies Research Libraries September 23rd, 2014

Everybody loves data

To coincide with the RDA4 meeting this week and the publication of a special issue from Learned Publishing, we decided to devote this week to the topic of data.  LIz Ferguson starts us off with her take on the Learned Publishing special issue on data.    It takes little more than a glance at the opening paragraphs…

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Societies Research Libraries September 19th, 2014

Early career researchers and the pressure to publish

Below is the final post in our series of winning essays from UK-based Wiley Advisors on “The challenges and opportunities facing ECRs in building an international reputation in the 21st Century”.  Congratulations to Patricia! Young researchers face many challenges in the process of building an international reputation. At the same time, these challenges and opportunities…

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Authors September 18th, 2014

5 tips for improving your article’s Altmetric score

A few months ago, Wiley rolled out the Altmetric service across all journals on Wiley Online Library. A common query we receive from our authors is ‘how can we get involved?’ This post outlines five simple things that you (as authors) can do to help improve your article’s Altmetric score. But first, let me address…

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