Authors July 31st, 2014

How to produce the best English language version of your paper

There should be no barriers to getting your research published, yet manuscripts are often returned for English language and formatting issues. Wiley English Language Editing Services (ELES) offers authors access to a suite of services to help them prepare their manuscript – making the submission process easier. “My manuscript entitled “Microscopic Polyangiitis associated with Pulmonary…

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Societies Research July 30th, 2014

Sharing ideas, experience, and best practice in Melbourne

This June, Wiley’s Australian journals team played host to 60 journal editors and partners in Melbourne for multidisciplinary seminars on publication ethics and best-practice journal publishing. Held over two days, these two events brought together clients, colleagues and fellow publishers to discuss journal publication, share thoughts and impart their knowledge on a range of current…

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Societies Research July 29th, 2014

4 steps toward becoming a positive leader in Higher Ed

This is an excerpt of a review entitled “Enacting Positive Leadership in the World of Higher Ed” published in Women in HIgher Education.  Even the most optimistic member of the higher education community may roll their eyes while simultaneously reaching for Jeffrey Buller’s Positive Academic Leadership: How to Stop Putting Out Fires and Start Making…

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Societies Research Libraries July 25th, 2014

Digging deeper: using evidence-based medicine databases to validate medical claims

Everyday, we hear conflicting news reports on various medical claims and treatments.  How can we differentiate credible sources of evidence from misguided messages, in order to make informed healthcare decisions? We recently spoke with Dr. Lai Nai Ming, Associate Professor at Taylor’s University School of Medicine in Malaysia, and learned why he feels evidence-based medicine…

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Authors July 24th, 2014

Ten things to consider when planning and running an author workshop

Author workshops provide an important platform for journal editors to communicate directly with authors. They not only help authors to get hot tips on how to prepare their papers to give them the best chance of getting published, but also offer valuable insights for editors into what authors find challenging when writing papers, and common…

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Societies Research Libraries July 23rd, 2014

5 things I learned about peer review at ESOF

There’s little doubt that peer review is an essential arbiter of scientific quality, so I think it’s important that we discuss its challenges and help answer the questions many researchers have surrounding it. That’s why I held two Sense About Science sessions on peer review at ESOF2014 – Europe’s top general science event – which…

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Societies Research Libraries July 21st, 2014

Examining the impact of discovery systems on usage

A typical academic library provides access to dozens or even hundreds of online tools for finding scholarly information. Ranging from the online catalog for finding books, to specialized indexes to articles, such as PsycInfo or MLA International Bibliography, these powerful tools have eased the information-seeking process for those who remember using their print precursors. But…

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Societies Research Libraries July 18th, 2014

A librarian by passion and profession

The post below is republished with permission from Unsung Heroes: Stories from the Library, a Research4Life publication. A decade ago, when Cynthia Kimani began work at the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), librarians performed on-line literature searches for scores of scientists on a single computer, “I experienced having to carry out massive literature searches and watched…

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Authors July 17th, 2014

Networking for young scientists- how to do it and why you should

Networking is a word that smacks of “management talk” and fills most people with trepidation. However, anyone who has spent any significant time in science will admit, at least in private, that networking is as powerful a tool for career development in science as it is in any other walk of life. This admission may…

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Societies Research Libraries July 15th, 2014

Announcing the Winners of the 5-Minute Science Fair for 2014

The 5-minute Science Fair is an international competition that encourages researchers from various disciplines to share their research through short online videos featured on  Entries for the inaugural science fair came from diverse disciplines ranging from engineering and gender-based violence, to biology and dance. Needless to say, I am excited to announce the winners…

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