Libraries // October 3rd, 2013

Knowledge management systems and processes – a free virtual issue of JASIST

jasist JASIST, the Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, has published a wealth of scholarly papers on knowledge development, knowledge sharing, communities of practice and other knowledge management (KM) relevant topics over the years.  We reproduce here the second part of a recent Virtual Issue covering in particular the theme of knowledge management systems and processes.

A number of the articles we reviewed for this Virtual Issue on Knowledge Management put emphasis on knowledge processes and the systems that they supplement, presented in the context of community interactions. For instance, we have included a few articles that look at KM processes used in major disasters and emergency conditions. In addition, we have included articles that focus on what goes into the design of good knowledge management systems and some of the ways that such systems are implemented, as well as others which focus on processes in organizational learning.  (See full editorial for this Virtual Issue here)

List of Articles

Contextualizing organizational interventions of knowledge management systems: A design science perspective
Baloh, P., Desouza, K.C., & Hackney, R. (2012)
63(5), 948–966

Towards understanding the roles of social capital in knowledge integration: A case study of a collaborative information systems project
Bhandar, M., Pan, S.-L., & Tan, B. C. Y. (2007)
58(2), 263–274

Methodology for the implementation of knowledge management systems
Chalmeta, R., & Grangel, R. (2008)
59(5), 742–755

An analysis of the delayed response to Hurricane Katrina through the lens of knowledge management
Chua, A.Y.K., Kaynak, S., & Foo, S.S.B (2007)
58(3), 391-403

A tale of two hurricanes: Comparing Katrina and Rita through a knowledge management perspective
Chua, A. Y. K. (2007)
58(10), 1518–1528

Information sharing and trust during major incidents: Findings from the oil industry
Hassan Ibrahim, N. & Allen, D. (2012)
63(10), 1916-1928

The role of trust in promoting organizational knowledge seeking using knowledge management systems: An empirical investigation
He, W., Fang, Y., & Wei, K.-K. (2009)
60(3), 526–537

How reward, computer self-efficacy, and perceived power security affect knowledge management systems success: An empirical investigation in high-tech companies
Lai, J.-Y. (2009)
60(2), 332–347

Overcoming knowledge management challenges during ERP implementation: The need to integrate and share different types of knowledge
Pan, S.-L., Newell, S., Huang, J., & Galliers, R. D. (2007)
58(3), 404–419

Organizational learning capacity and attitude toward complex technological innovations: An empirical study
Teo, H.-H., Wang, X., Wei, K.-K., Sia, C.-L., & Lee, M. K. O. (2006)
57(2), 264–279

A strategy-based process for implementing knowledge management: An integrative view and empirical study
Wu, I.-L., & Lin, H.-C. (2009)
60(4), 789–802

Book Reviews

Review of the book Perspectives on Knowledge Management, by I.V. Malhan and K. Shivarama Rao
Bawden, D. (2010)
61(3), 629

Review of the book Communities of Practice: Fostering Peer-to-Peer Learning and Informal Knowledge Sharing in the Work Place, by N. Hara
Cox, A. M. (2010)
61(3), 629–631

Review of the book Memory Practices in the Sciences, by G.C. Bowker
Eschenfelder, K. R. (2010)
61(9), 1945–1946

Review of the book What they didn’t tell you about knowledge management, by J. Liebowitz
Japzon, A. (2007)
58(12), 1909–1910

Review of the book Managing Knowledge Networks, by J.D. Johnson
McInerney, C. (2010a)
61(11), 2372–2374

Review of the book Mastering Organizational Knowledge Flow, by F. Leistner
McInerney, C. (2010b)
61(11), 2372–2374