Authors April 30th, 2015

How to find an academic mentor

Early career researchers face a steep learning curve to become academics. Often working in isolation, and typically within a competitive academic culture, research, teaching, service and governance need to be understood. In short, developing an academic career is challenging! Finding a good academic mentor is one of the best things you can do to achieve…

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Authors April 23rd, 2015

How to comply with funders’ open access policies

With more and more funding agencies establishing policies and mandates for open access publishing, we know that navigating the various requirements can be difficult and time consuming for authors. Every funding agency seems to have slightly different specifics to their open access policies and each paper has multiple authors with multiple funding agencies supporting their…

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Research Authors April 21st, 2015

10 things you need to know before you peer review

Today, Wiley presents a comprehensive guide to reviewing, in a new area of our author resources platform. Our aim for this guide is to support reviewers by providing a summary of best practice and how-to guidance with contributions from editors and experienced reviewers around the world. This is an evolving resource which we will continue…

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Societies Research Libraries Authors April 9th, 2015

Fake metrics and how to spot them

Many of you know the letters; I see copies of them several times a year: In recent weeks, two articles have been published drawing attention to the proliferation of fake, spurious and counterfeit journal metrics. The first paper, published in the Wiley journal Bioessays, attributes this phenomenon to the rise of ‘predatory’ journals with questionable…

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Research Authors April 7th, 2015

See how Kudos can impact citations of your publications

Almost 18 months ago, I wrote a post for this blog about Kudos, then a pilot service to help researchers and their publishers increase the reach and impact of publications. The pilot was a success, with basic analysis indicating that downloads of full text were 19% higher for publications explained and shared using the Kudos…

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Authors April 2nd, 2015

How can I use Google Scholar Citations for scholarly profiling?

Google Scholar Citations is one of many scholarly profiling services available,  allowing researchers to easily and conveniently profile their scholarly products, promote their work, connect with potential collaborators and view scholarly metrics. It’s also a great way to keep your scholarly record up to date. Once you are set up with a Google Scholar Citations…

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Authors March 19th, 2015

Four tips for planning your career

Planning your career could be considered to be a contradiction in terms. How can you plan something which is largely out of your control? How can you predict whether and when a job will be advertised by an employer, or influence where it will be located? Furthermore, how can you plan for a career, if…

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Authors March 12th, 2015

How, when and why to say no to a review request

In his recent post on the editor’s view of peer review best practice, Brian Johnson highlighted the importance of prompt responses to review invitations – particularly if the reviewer is not able to undertake the review.  In today’s post, Andrew Moore, Editor-in-Chief of BioEssays and Inside the Cell explores the decision to decline a review…

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Authors March 5th, 2015

Article introductions: more important than you thought!

Journal editors and reviewers are looking for novelty, significance and relevance to their readers when they read your submitted article. Your abstract can make claims about these features, but does not provide space for the evidence to back them up. The introduction is the place for that. Guidelines for selecting, ordering and presenting that evidence…

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Authors February 26th, 2015

How to promote your published content through podcasts

Over the past three months, I have learned some of the implications of the molecular re-inscription of race in science, law and medicine. I’ve heard the thoughts of one of Britain’s leading surgeons on the future of surgical innovation. I’ve got an interesting perspective on regional development in the global economy while at the same…

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