Research Authors June 30th, 2015

On being an editor

From time to time I am asked to specify my profession, for example on passport or visa applications. I might put down consultant, or university teacher but over the past few years I have realized that I am first and foremost an ‘editor.’  It is what I spend most of my time doing and increasingly…

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Authors June 25th, 2015

The twelve habits of highly productive writers

When someone’s doing a lot more than you, you notice it. It brings out your petty jealousy. And if you’re like me (occasionally petty and jealous), it might make you feel crappy about yourself. Which is, let’s face it, ridiculous. No one else’s achievements take anything away from yours, or mine. The fact that another…

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Research Authors June 24th, 2015

“Attention is not impact” and other challenges for altmetrics

The altmetrics manifesto, published in 2010 by Jason Priem and colleagues, argued for a new type of metric to capture the diversity of the contemporary scholarly system—making manifest both the heterogeneity of scholarly output and the impact of scholarship on science and society alike. As stated: “Altmetrics expand our view of what impact looks like,…

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Authors June 18th, 2015

Reviewer right to reply: dealing with author rebuttals

The scenario is all too familiar. You patiently read through the paper, you make exhaustive notes, you write up a comprehensive review with point-by-point instructions explaining exactly how the manuscript is to be changed and then, lo and behold, the author has the audacity to disagree! Makes you wonder why you bother. The author, however,…

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Authors June 11th, 2015

What makes a good abstract?

The Author Marketing Team is fresh from another successful webinar. What Makes a Good Abstract and More provided insights for authors on the structure, style and search engine optimization (SEO) of titles and abstracts for articles and books. Jamie Wielgus, Associate Editor and Kris Bishop, Marketing Manager, answered most of your questions along the way…

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Research Authors June 8th, 2015

Expanding options for Wiley authors: an interview with Rebecca Lawrence of F1000

Q. Can you tell us a little about your background and how F1000 came about? A. I originally trained as a pharmacist and then did a PhD in cardiovascular pharmacology in Nottingham. I had a particular interest in drug discovery and the pharma industry and so moved from there into publishing at Elsevier, where I…

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Authors June 4th, 2015

4 simple steps to growing usage for your article: A guide to Kudos

Your article has finally been accepted and published after rounds of peer review, revision, and back-and-forth conversations with editors. At last, subscribers to the journal can visit and read your new article. Yet as you stare at the share-to-social-media buttons and how-to-cite links hovering near your content, a bit of anxiety begins to creep in:…

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Authors May 28th, 2015

How to distinguish yourself with ORCiD

Have you ever been asked to list your work? The following scenarios possibly sound familiar… • Your funding organization wants to review your past work before making an award • Your institution needs you to provide a list of work before your promotion review • Potential collaborators are struggling to find if you’re the correct person for their…

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Authors May 21st, 2015

Five tips to help editors find the best reviewers

It is obvious that having the best, most qualified, most diligent reviewers is desirable both for guiding editor’s decisions and giving authors feedback. Finding the best reviewers, however, can be a real challenge. Editors, being experts in their fields, will already have a number of contacts in their areas that they can call on, but…

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