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Authors April 23rd, 2015

How to comply with funders’ open access policies

With more and more funding agencies establishing policies and mandates for open access publishing, we know that navigating the various requirements can be difficult and time consuming for authors. Every funding agency seems to have slightly different specifics to their open access policies and each paper has multiple authors with multiple funding agencies supporting their…

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Societies Research Libraries March 18th, 2015

Early career researchers and librarians swap pain points and share ideas on advancing research

I recently had the privilege of co-hosting a panel discussion with Chris Banks from Imperial College London at the Annual ASA conference  which brought together both early career researchers and librarians. These young professionals shared some of the issues they face-as well as their viewpoints on what would make collaboration easier.This resulted in a lively…

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Societies Research Libraries January 27th, 2015

Open access must be open at both ends

What do Early Career Researchers (ECRs) think of Open Access? Following on from Daniel Amund’s post on the topic for OA Week 2014, another Wiley Advisor Jonathan Foster, winner of last year’s essay competition, shares his perspective. “If I have seen further, it is because I am standing on the shoulders of giants”. This famous…

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Societies Research Libraries January 16th, 2015

All your CHORUS questions answered: a Q&A with Susan Spilka

We recently spoke to Susan Spilka, Marketing and Communications Director for CHORUS, to learn more about how it works and why it’s worthwhile for publishers and societies to join.  Currently, Wiley supports collection of funding information from the author via our Wiley Author Licensing Service (WALS). This information is fed to CrossRef and CHORUS, allowing…

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Societies Research Libraries January 5th, 2015

Ensuring that UK institutions pay just once for research output

Since April 2013, when RCUK and the Wellcome Trust introduced policies and funds for open access, concern has risen that the UK will end up paying twice  for research, and even footing the bill for larger contributors of research output such as the US and China. In an op-ed for The Guardian David Willetts, Minister of…

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Societies Research Libraries December 29th, 2014

New journals for 2015

At Wiley, we greatly value the relationships we build with our society and journal partners, so we are delighted to welcome more than 25 journals to our community in 2015. Many of the journals new to our list are published in conjunction with learned associations or other organizations. We are very pleased to begin our…

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Societies Research Libraries December 9th, 2014

Innovating open at Mozfest

In late October, more than sixteen hundred developers, science buffs, and Open Web advocates converged on the Ravensbourne campus in South-East London to kick off MozFest, a hands-on festival dedicated to envisioning and creating the future of an open, global web. MozFest, now in its fifth year, began as a small, community-driven gathering with an…

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Societies Research Libraries November 19th, 2014

Working together to improve the user experience: a conversation with Susan Stearns of the Boston Library Consortium

Q. Can you tell us about your background and your current position? A. I’m a librarian by training and worked early in my career in both academic and corporate libraries.  However, the bulk of my career has been spent on the library software vendor side, working for companies such as Faxon Research Services, NorthernLight Technologies,…

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Societies Research Libraries November 3rd, 2014

How and why researchers share data (and why they don’t)

I am pleased to present here results from a survey Wiley conducted into researcher views of data sharing.  Earlier this year, we contacted 90,000 researchers across a wide array of disciplines and received more than 2,250 responses from individuals engaged in active research programs. Leading up to the survey, we conducted a series of interviews…

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Societies Research Libraries October 27th, 2014

Exploring open access publishing opportunities

We thought we’d extend last week’s Open Access theme a bit longer to shed some light on the various open access publishing options available.  Wiley Open Access team members Verity Emmans and Stefano Tonzani were co-authors on this post. Open access is on the rise – Simba Information predicts that total revenues collected from open access…

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