Data curation

As scholarly institutions, societies, and researchers are well aware, debate about the production, use, and curation of research data (anything produced by the experimental, observational, or theoretical activities of researchers) has become steadily more intense in recent years. Pressures include financial resources, funder mandates, formatting and storage questions, provenance, and academic accreditation concerns. As key stakeholders in supporting scholarly communication, publishers too are interested in contributing both to discussions and to progress.

As a result, we are actively working with existing and emerging bodies, such as CODATA, the World Data System, the Research Data Alliance, DataCite and NISO to advance initiatives which will ultimately enable research data to be used, re-used, cited and accredited.


We are also proud to be a core partner of the  PREPARDE (Peer REview for Publication & Accreditation of Research data in the Earth sciences) project which is capturing the processes and procedures required to publish a scientific dataset, ranging from ingestion into a data repository, through to formal publication in a data journal.

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By Anne-Marie Green